From stories of the most remarkable athletes, to the newest innovations in the fashion industry, there are a lot of things that drive us to move forward. This page is dedicated to a selection of these inspirational sources, which we hope will also inspire you.

Future Friday

Curious to learn more about our brand, the materials we use, and a variety of sustainable and innovative topics? In our Future Friday blogs, we dive into these topics and share the biggest, most interesting learnings with you.


That feeling when you’re reading a great book or watching a beautiful movie is something very unique. This is also the feeling that we get from reading the stories of people and organizations that inspire us and spark our creativity.

The Showcase

Combining what we see and learn throughout the journey towards a plastic free clothing industry. Interested to see what influences the design choices and content that we make? Here you can find all the visual cues that lead to our brand.

Music motivates us to work harder, reach goals, and always keep on striving for greatness. We have curated a mixture of our favorite songs in a few Spotify playlists for you to use for your training. Click below to go to the playlists.