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Why It's Important That Farmers Earn Enough Money

Farmers are at the beginning of most products that we humans come into contact with. Our food and our clothes almost all start with dedicated farmers. They have always been under pressure to produce as many products for as little as possible, and that while they have the most impact on the environment 

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Plastic Free July Is Here!

Plastic is everywhere around us. Take a look away from the screen around you and you’ll probably see something made from plastic. Now look back at your screen an- OH JESUS THAT’S MADE FROM PLASTIC TOO. 

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How To Make Your Closet More Sustainable

We’ve all been there; standing in front of our closet, not knowing what to wear or what to match with those new shoes we just bought. Add on top of this the task to make this mess of a closet more sustainable, and I think you have one of the most daunting tasks ever designed for humans. We're going to make it easier for you!

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