Why We Don't Do Black Fridays

The Friday of all Fridays is here: the infamous Black Friday. Camping party’s outside on side walks, big sales and people trampling over each other for a TV … during this day you can see it all. It’s like someone let the animals loose in a zoo called the mall. From the outside, it looks like something that you can make fun off, but there’s more at play here.

The best price?
It’s common for stores to lure you in with some cheap items that they marketed with, only for you to get caught up in all the other marketing efforts in the store itself, so you buy things you never wanted in the first place. Usually, these other products aren’t even the real bargains that you think they are.

It might also be interesting to know where the name came from. I don’t know if you find that interesting, but I do, so here you go ;).

Though everyone uses the name right now as a trigger for cheap products, it’s origins are a bit different. Everyone in the US went shopping after Thanksgiving, which caused so many traffic jams, that a police department in Philadelphia used the term to describe the insane amount of traffic jams during the Friday after Thanksgiving in 1966. Since then retailers have tried to give it a more positive connotation by labelling it the cheapest day to shop and marketing the heck out of it. They have succeeded by the looks of it.

So what’s wrong?
We think it’s fine to get your products cheaper when you can, but brands set you up to mindless consumption of products during this day, and we’d rather have you think if you need our products first. There’s nothing that would make us sadder than you buying a product from us and you then never wearing it.

Black Friday is like Rebecca Black's Friday; we don’t need it anymore

But wait … are you guys are never going to do any sales days? No, of course, we are going to celebrate other days together with you, but not with ones that don’t align with what we stand for. We have some other awesome days coming up such as the celebration of the new year and valentines, so be on the look for that!

So I came here for nothing?!?! Well no, I wouldn’t do that to you, so here’s a video of cute puppies and kittens to lighten up your day, and here’s a list of other awesome things you can do during this Friday :)

Enjoy your weekend and we'll see you next week!

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