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Iron Roots High Performance

Good products start with good resources, and we are happy that we have some great fabrics to work with. Even so happy that we’ve made a dedicated page for them.

The most versatile plant
Hemp is and always will be one of our favourite plants. Its versatility and positive environmental impact make this plant a must for the future. More on why we think hemp is awesome can be read here.
Hemp fabric has some unique properties that make it great for working out. It is naturally anti-static and anti-bacterial, which means it’s more comfortable to work out in and also makes you smell less during workouts. Win-win!
Iron Roots Hemp
Iron Roots Eucalyptus
Trees become athletic apparel
This lyocell material, or Tencel™ (a lyocell brand) as meany people know it, is created from eucalyptus trees and when processed right it’s a very sustainable resource for clothing. Wait … how they do to that? Here you can find out more!
Just like hemp, lyocell is also anti-static and anti-bacterial, but one key difference is that lyocell keeps your body cool, which makes it great for training in hot environments.
Organic is the way
Organic cotton is as the name states; organic. This means that there are no pesticides used in the production process, which is way better for the environment.
We mainly use organic cotton because it makes other fabric softer when mixed, which is especially useful with hemp since raw hemp fabric is on the rough side. This way you have the benefits of hemp and the softness of organic cotton, so you’ll see a lot of hemp and organic cotton mixes in our products.
Iron Roots Organic Cotton

For now, these are the materials we work with. But we are always looking for other natural materials that we can make products with. If you know some other cool materials we should experiment with, let us know!