If you're in a hurry, here is the short version of our factory policy. We work with factories who are dedicated to ethical production and the materials that we use have certain certificates like GOTS and FSC. That was pretty short ha? If you like to read more, down here is the long version.

The right resources
Every good product starts with the right resources. As mentioned almost everywhere on the website, we only use natural materials for our athletic apparel. ‘Why is that?’, you may ask. Here is a blog that explains it all.
These natural materials include hemp, eucalyptus, beechwood and organic cotton. Everyone of them have their own unique advantages.
'Well, how do you know that the fabric is really what the factory says it is?' The best way to know this is by certificates. There are international organizations which oversee the production of fabrics and give certificates to companies that obey the rules, like GOTS, OCS and FSC. This makes it easy for us to filter out companies that are not in line with our values.
Iron Roots Materials
Iron Roots Production
Our factories
After we have selected the fabrics from various suppliers, it’s time to make athletic apparel out of them. This is done in our factories that specialize in clothing production. Documentaries like the true cost shed a clear light on the sad circumstances that a lot of clothing workers have to work in. This happens because there is less oversight and rules in some third world countries where most of these misconducts happen. This is a problem that mainly occurs in the clothing production phase not in the fabric production phase. Fabric production is not a labour intensive process like clothing production is. Fabrics are made by machines, which minimizes the risk of bad labour practices.
In order to make sure that our apparel is produced in a fair way, we have selected local factories (in Europe), which we visit regularly and from whom we know that they are dedicated to fair production standards. For the other part of our clothing production that is done outside of Europe, we made sure to carefully select the right certified factories to work with. These factories have certain certifications or rules in place to ensure ethical production and are inspected to verify these claims.