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The Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs

blog time

Knowledge is key, and ehh keys are important to open doors in life? Whatever the inspirational quote people might say, we do think that it’s important that we learn new things every day. Now that we’ve got the internet it has become easier than ever to learn new things, but since there’s so much out there it can be hard to separate wheat from chaff.

No worries! Your captains are here to guide you through the seven seas of the internet, full of trolls, fake news, and useless websites. We’ve compiled a little list of the best sustainable clothing blogs that we ourselves regularly read and that give us hope for the future of fashion. You can click on the titles to go to their blog (after you’ve finished ours of course).

Fashion me green
We start the list off with a bang. Just looking at this beautiful blog makes you have more faith in the sustainable fashion movement. Even though Greta seems to be very busy with the launch of her own platform/app, the blogs that she has written in the past few years have been awesome. You wouldn’t expect anything less from someone who wrote a book on sustainable fashion, but it’s still impressive ;).

Style with a Smile
We came across Noa a while ago through Instagram and we could already see the positivity she puts out with her blog by the little chats we had back and forth. Noa uses her platform to spread the message of vegan and fair fashion and shows people that fashion without animal products can be just as beautiful good as the alternative. Her Instagram is full with good vibes and smiles, so a definite recommend to follow!

fashion revolution

Fashion Revolution
To the barricades! Fashion Revolution has been an important driver of change in the fashion industry, and of course, we could not leave their blog out. Besides their well known ‘Who made my clothes campaign’ -which we covered in our recent blog- they combine big news about changes with local stories written by guest writers, which creates some good diversity in their posts.

Sustainably Chic
Back in 2014, when even sustainable fashion as a concept was in the early stages, Natalie from Sustainably Chic already began blogging about it. Understanding how difficult it can be for people to find their way, she tries to make it easier for people to make good choices when it comes to buying clothes. She even has a handy page dedicated to brands, which makes it easy for us all to find new awesome brands!

A Sustainable Mess
We could not leave this list without a blog from our home country. While there are a lot of good ones, most of them are in Dutch, so we’re going with one of our favourites that’s also written in English: A Sustainable Mess. Alisson takes you on her journey towards a sustainable lifestyle with some great blogs and a killer Instagram that’s definitely worth a follow.

Of course, there are many other blogs that we haven’t included here, so if you miss some of your favourites, feel free to drop a comment below, so others can get that sweet knowledge too! And oh, a special shout out will be given to the one that points us in the direction of a sustainable fashion blog dedicated to men, since we have not found one ourselves yet.

Enjoy your weekend and we'll see you next Friday!