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Clothing Made From Coffee? Pt. 2

coffee coffee

A few weeks ago we dedicated a blog to unique materials that could be used for clothing called: Clothing Made From Coffee. Now we didn’t just include coffee in that blog, so we got some replies from you that we should have gone into more detail about the coffee part. Our bad.

We won’t try to lure you in again with misleading titles from now on, and to make it up to you we have teamed up with Natalie Maximets to create our first ever guest blog! She has great experience writing about these topics, so you’ll be in good hands this week. Natalie, the floor is yours!

Thanks Erik and welcome everyone to my first post for Iron Roots. As Erik mentioned, I’m the founder of Eco-Maniac Writer, a blog on content marketing and a writer for outdoor brands that are in the sustainability space. I will take you on a deep dive into the world of green coffee. Now you might think I’m talking about the “green coffee” trend that has been taking over the world, but surprise … I’m not!

The magic behind the “green coffee”
Time to reveal the secret: no green coffee is actually involved. What is involved, though, is the waste of coffee. Yes, coffee is also subject to the new trash is cash movement.

So how is it made? Well, the obvious answer would be to grind it, just as you would in order to make some mean coffee, but that’s not the case. Instead, coffee grounds are mixed up and applied to yarns, which then absorb the coffee to create fabric that has some awesome properties.

Benefits of the “green coffee” activewear
Clothing treated with coffee has undeniable advantages. Just look - fabrics made from coffee have excellent characteristics:

  •   Highly breathable
  •   Able to eliminate unpleasant odours
  •   Fast-drying
  •   Sustainable

As you can see, the clothes made from coffee include the most powerful benefits of the modern sportswear. However, there is a huge difference between “coffee” apparel and ordinary sportswear. “Coffee” sportswear is “green” as it contains no harmful chemicals, so it does not affect the environment. Can you believe this? Nature already has everything we need to spend an exciting holiday outdoors, and with the help of a little innovation like this, we don’t need synthetic products anymore.


Sustainable and comfortable
Although these innovative clothes do not smell like coffee, they can help you smell better. The material is breathable and has a natural ability to remove unpleasant odours just like hemp and lyocell. This means that you don’t need to wash your “coffee” clothes as often as your regular synthetic t-shirt. Additionally, some pieces made from coffee such as outdoor jackets have natural windproof and waterproof abilities. But even if you get wet, there’s no need to worry - your clothes will dry very quickly!

“Coffee” clothing is a game-changer in the outerwear industry. While there is currently only one company that does this, I believe that there will be a lot more in the future, and I also think that all companies (Ahum ... Iron Roots) could benefit from making clothing from coffee. With that little note, I’m finishing up my guest blog for you guys!

Final words
Thanks for writing this piece Natalie, and we get the hint; we’ll contact the manufacturers to see what they are up to ;). Since this was our first guest blog we would like to hear from you if we should do this more often, or that we should stick to the blogs written by Erik (yes, it’s weird typing my own name here).

Regardless, we are switching to uploading blogs every two weeks, since we want to keep the quality up to par, and have a lot of work to do when it comes to making awesome products!

That was it for this week, enjoy your weekend and we'll see you in two weeks!