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Clothing Made From Coffee?

Coffee time

First of all: Happy New Year everyone! We hope that all your goals will be achieved this year, and we'll start the first blog of this year with a buzzword: innovation. Maybe the most (overused) term in business these days. Despite this, there is some real impact it can have on the clothing industry and we’ll talk about the tip of the iceberg of material innovation in this weeks Future Friday.

Fruity leather
One cool Dutch startup is changing the way we make leather. They call themselves ‘fruitleather’. You guessed it, they make leather from fruit. By using leftover pieces of fruit from supermarkets, breaking them down, heating them up and rolling them into usable fabrics, they save waste while creating new valuable products. Smart guys.

Magic mushrooms
Mycelium fabric is made from mushrooms roots/fungus that organically grows in, for example, a petri dish. Technically it’s a waste stream of mushroom production, which makes it very sustainable. Dutch-based MycoTEX is one of the pioneers in this area, as they have already created prototypes out of the material. It might not be the prettiest yet, but it has a lot of potential. It’s sustainable fashion grown right out of the lab, how awesome is that?!

coconuts for days

I'm in love with the coconuts
If you like pina colada’s, getting caught in the rain … Great song and it would not be there without the coco. A crazy idea; make clothing out of coconut shells. No, I’m not talking about using coconut shells as a bikini for your next Instagram influencer attempt. Rather, you can use the shells of coconuts to get activated carbon and use that to treat clothing, which makes it get some similar properties to our favorite material hemp. Pretty technical, and pretty cool!

Good morning!
Coffee can be your savior in the morning, but it might also be our savior for clothing. No, I don’t mean that you should pour coffee over yourself and then start running around pretending you wear clothes (although that might be a fun video). It’s not literally coffee, but rather the residue that comes from your coffee that can be used to make clothing from.

Clothing from coffee, no we are not kidding you.

Is this the future?
All these materials are great fun and all, but can I buy them? Well … while we can see use cases of them already, we can’t see mainstream production of this happening yet. It’s unlikely that all of them will become mainstream, but for some of them there is a real potential and we hope to implement some of them in our own future apparel as well.

Alright, that was it for this week. Enjoy your weekend friends and we’ll see you next Friday!