5 Sneaky Sources Of Microplastics

Microplastic found in confetti

Besides plastic clothing, there are other sneaky ways that microplastics slip into our daily life. They may be small, but with some good research, they will not go undetected. While they can and should be replaced, it is a good to remember that a lot of these things were made with the right intentions. Sometimes, the release of microplastic can be an unforeseen effect of creating these products. Whatever the reason, here are five sneaky ways that microplastics get into our daily life.

Isn’t Shampoo Supposed To Clean?

While shampoo might clean your hair, it might be uncleaning (if that is even a word) the rest. Besides the chemicals added in a lot of shampoos, there are some that add synthetics that can break down into microplastics. They use weird, confusing names like Tetrafluoroethylene, which people don’t usually recall from their chemistry classes back in the day. A solution for this comes in the next paragraph.

Microplastics found in shampoo

Plastic Not So Fantastic

This may come as a surprise, but some cosmetic products are making you beautiful and do the opposite to the environment. Like shampoos, there are a lot of cosmetic brands that just add synthetic material or small plastic beads to their products. Well you know the story; you can’t keep cosmetics on your skin all the time, so when washing them off, they can end up in our waterways. One could even argue this falls under plastic surgery then? Hmm well … that’s a discussion for another time.

Regardless, for both shampoos and cosmetics, you can use the Beat the Microbead app. This awesome tool helps you decipher all the confusing names manufacturers put in their products. This way, you can see if they contain microplastics or not! 

microplastics hidden in tea

Fancy A Cup Of Tea?

Ah, who doesn’t like a lovely cup of tea in the morning. I’m a big fan so it came as a surprise that even tea hides a secret related to plastic. The issue here; tea bags. A lot of tea bags contain plastic, which may not harm the taste, but you could be ingesting them while drinking tea! And here I was, thinking that tea was just healthy for us. There is, however, a good way to prevent this; avoid buying tea in tea bags. You can instead buy tea in bulk and then make it the old fashioned way. Some would even argue that this makes for a better cup of tea too!

Microplastics found in confetti

Nature Doesn’t Celebrate

When it is time to celebrate, we can always count on glitter and confetti to give that extra touch to our life. It could be called ironic then, that each time we use these extra celebration methods, nature doesn’t celebrate. Almost all of the confetti and glitter available on the market are made with plastic. And I know, I know ... almost everything seems to be made from plastic these days, but hey, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for a better future. One solution is to use paper confetti, which decreases the impact.

Microplastics in cigarettes

Butt What About Smoking?

Butts of cigarettes are made from a synthetic material and are thrown away in massive numbers. I know that stopping habits like these can be very hard, so I won’t preach anything related to that if you’re a smoker. What you can do though, is throw them away in appropriate bins, and not in nature. Also, you could ask your brand of cigarettes if they are looking into using better materials. You might light an idea for them ;). 

We know that it can be hard to track all these plastics down, but luckily there are tons of alternatives being developed. If you know of any other sneaky way microplastics get into our lives; let us know below!

Team Iron Roots